Spaceport America Registration

To attend the event you must register to be a Rocketeer, Spectator, Sponsor, or member of the Media. For more information on the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) or to register as team, please visit the ESRA 2017 IREC page. A list of the active teams for this year’s competition is below.

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Rocketeers include IREC team members, faculty, family and friends of the team who need access to the student camp site or the rocket assembly area. Of the Rocketeers, only students and faculty will be allowed to proceed to the launch site without expressed permission of ESRA or SA staff.


Spectators are only allowed into the Observation Area unless escorted by ESRA or SA personnel.


For Sponsorship access, please contact:

Susan Raitt
+1 .575.267.8522

Media Members

For Media access, please contact:

Tammara Anderton

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Registration Options

To purchase tickets, please use the register button to the right.

Rocketeer Fee: $50

You need to purchase this ticket to have access to the Rocket Assembly Area
This will include the Under the Stars Awards Banquet on Saturday 6.24.17
Credentials are required

Spectator Fee: $10 per day

(Thursday 6.22.17 or Friday 6.23.17 or Saturday 6.24.17)
Access to Spectator Area during Launch Day

Spectator Fee: $20 includes all 3 launch days

(Thursday 6.22.17, Friday 6.23.17 and Saturday 6.24.17)
Access to Spectator Area during Launch Day

Under the Stars Awards Banquet:  $30

Required for all Spectators, Friends, and Family who did not purchase a rocketeer fee, that are attending the Awards Banquet
Takes place on the last launch day on the Terminal Hangar Facility Apron Saturday 6.24.17


2017 IREC Update:

Thank you to the astounding 110 teams who entered this year’s competition during the “on-time” window. Attached to this post you will find the complete list of teams and their assigned Team IDs. Teams are welcome to enter “late” into the competition as well, but (in the interest of fairness) they will not receive points for their entry form submission. Teams entering late into the competition should accompany their DropBox submission with an e-mail to the ESRA org box ( alerting us to check for the late entry. We could not be more excited about the level of interest the First Annual Spaceport America Cup is generating for the IREC and this inaugural year is sure to be something special!




*Children under 6 years of age are not permitted access to the event.